The Story Behind the Dough

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Sans Bakery is a gluten free bakery located in New York City whose mission is to put a smile on your face by offering baked goods that are so delicious, you would never believe they are Gluten Free!

Imagine it’s a Sunday. You and a friend meet up at your favorite café to catch up over coffee. You approach the pastry case and your friend excitedly picks one of the shop’s delicious in-house baked goods. You agree that it indeed looks amazing, and with a defeated sigh, walk to your table with nothing to go with your coffee. Until now! Sans Bakery is dedicated to bringing our fresh baked goods to your local coffee shop or hangout, so patrons with gluten intolerances have the same options other customers enjoy...and making them so delicious, that your friends will want you to share.

The Story Behind the BakerEleven years ago, Erica was diagnosed with a wheat allergy. Being a lover of all things delicious, she quickly became tired and annoyed at the measly selection of feeble tasting, dense and expensive gluten free baked goods in the market place. In 2009, Erica took a break from nitty-gritty New York City to explore international fashion industries and lived in Japan, Guam and New Zealand. While living in New Zealand, she worked in a gluten free bakery and found the experience enlightening and very rewarding. She returned to the New York groove in the summer of 2010 with the intention of trading in her sewing machine for a spatula and using her design and baking skills to open up her own gluten free bakery.

Erica Fair is a successful fashion designer, world traveler and relentless goofball. She was raised in Lancaster, Pennsylvania and has been living in NYC for eleven years with her husband Brian and turtle, Princess Spike.

Sans Bakery - Zucchini Bread

A delicious baked good should be just that — Delicious, Baked and Good!

Sans Bakery - Muffins

Gluten-free people shouldn’t have to settle for pastry-less coffees.

Sans Bakery - Bread